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Fresh vegetables in vacuum package

Semi-processed fresh vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, salad mixes.


Mixed vegetables “Assortment”


Mixed vegetables “Koslo”


Pure yellow pepper


Sliced yellow pepper




Iceberg Fresh


AGROINDUSTRIAL PROCESSING wishes all a Happy New Year and wishes you health and success in the new 2013!

Our semi-processed foods are produced from a carefully selected stock from the leading suppliers in Europe and Russia.

All of the raw materials used for our production are carefully examined for the presence of nitrates, pesticides, toxic elements, radionuclides, and GMOs in accordance with Russian law. Each of our suppliers goes through a mandatory audit of the quality and safety of the products that they supply, our company sells ONLY vegetables that have passed all of the tests necessary.

Semi processed fresh vegetables, mushrooms and potatoes are made with strict observance of sanitary norms and rules.

Water and air in the production facilities and the production process are thoroughly cleaned. We guarantee that we offer fresh vegetables and salad mixes that meet all of the necessary requirements.

Qualified employees monitor strict compliance with the technological process. Our production facility has a successfully implemented HACCP system for all of our vegetables and salad mixes. Modern methods and quality management system ensures compliance with customer requirements and the complete safety of vegetables produced by semi-fresh vegetables, potatoes and mushrooms.

Throughout the use of our technology, fresh vegetables are subjected to various operations, they are carefully and repeatedly washed, cleaned and cut using the most modern equipment, extra moisture is removed from their surface.

Semi processed fresh vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes are intended for wholesale and/or retail sales, integrated supply catering and/or supply of the HORECA industry, perfect for preparing meals, snacks and salads.

Cleaning vegetables in cafes and/or restaurants - is a separate process. For primary cleansing and/or peeling of raw vegetables, you must have a special vegetable area, and that means additional capital investment and might even reduce the dining area of your the cafe/restaurant.

Therefore, the ready-made salads that we offer can be your ideal way to save space and money.

AGROINDUSTRIAL PROCESSING can take over all operations on the pretreatment (cleansing/peeleing/cutting) of vegetables, mushrooms, carrots. And ready to use vegetables will be delivered straight to your kitchen!

The use of our semi processed vegetables will save you money, production space, time and manpower.

All the buyer of our products would have left to do, is open the vacuum package and use fresh vegetables as he would normally.

AGROINDUSTRIAL PROCESSING guarantees the shelf life of semi processed vegetables, mushrooms and potatoes in the course:

-7 Days from the date of manufacture for vacuum packaging when stored at 2 to 6°C

-10 Days for the production of modified atmosphere storage at 2 to 6°C.

You can call the phone numbers listed in the Contact section, and our managers will gladly answer all your questions.